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  • Three Output Full Feature Digital Keypad for Door Lock and Equipment Controls
  • Touch Sensing Keyboard
  • 12VDC Operation, Compatible with Fail-safe or Fail-secure Electric Door Lock
  • 3A / 16VDC Maximum Power Rating Solid State Door Lock Driver for Long Service Life
  • Built-in Real-Time-Clock Controls The Start and Stop Times in Daily Operation
  • Stand-alone, Split-decoded and Multi-station Tri-Tech Operations
  • Compatible with The Auxiliary Reader, Auxiliary Keypad and Split-decoder for System Expansion Simply with Single Wire Connection of Their Common Data I/O Bus
  • User Code, EM Card and EM card + User Code Concurrent Operations
  • Compatible with 125 Khz Manchester 64-bit EM4100 & EM4200 EM Cards and Keyfobs
  • 26-bit, 34-bit or 37-bit Wiegand Data Output Format Selectable
  • 1A/24V DC Contact Rating Form C Relay for Output 2 and Open Collector for Output 3
  • Built-in Bell Button with 1A/24V Rating N.O. Dry Contact for External Door Chime Actuation
  • Built-in Control Logic Circuit for High Security Dual Door Inter-lock System
  • Timing Re-lock or Auto Re-lock for The Door After Entry Prevents “Tail-gate” Follower
  • Door Forced Open Warning and Door Propped-up Warning
  • Maximum 1,000 Users for Controlling Output 1 and 100 Users Each for Outputs 2 and 3
  • Multi-task Super User Code for Inhibiting (Refuse Access), Overriding Door Lock (Keep Door Open); and Operating The Outputs at Any Time And under Any Condition for Safety
  • Duress Code for Door Opening and at The Same Time Reporting The Event of Duress
  • 50 Visitor Codes for Temporary Workers and Visitors, Which Expire after Use or The Programmable Time of 1-99 Hours
  • Three Programming Options for System Safety Lock-up after Successive False Code Entry
  • Outputs Are Configurable with 1-99999 Seconds Auto Reset Mode or Start / Stop Mode.
  • Auto or Manual User Code Entry Mode for User Convenience And Security Enhancement
  • Pacifier Tone And Door Open Announcer Can Be OFF for Silent Environment
  • Standby Flashing LED Indicator Can Be OFF for People Do Not Like Flashing LED at Night
  • Six Egress Delay and Warning Options for User Convenience and Security Enhancement
  • Alarm or Key Button Active Signal Output for Triggering Optional Equipment
  • Built-in Tamper Switch with N.C. Dry Contact
  • Surface Mount Weatherproof Plastic Housing Painted in Metallic Black Color

DK-2862 MK-II is a self-contained full feature digital access control keypad that combines proximity EM card reader in one unit.

The keypad has three outputs. The output 1 is a solid state relay selectable to drive Fail-safe or Fail-secure electric lock. Solid state relay gives longer service life and prevents sabotage of energizing the output relay to open the door with a strong magnet. The output 2 is a standard relay with N.C. and N.O. dry contacts for auxiliary controls. The output 3 is a transistor open collector output with maximum sink current of 100mA for driving auxiliary device. It also has a N.O. relay dry contact output for driving an external door bell.

The keypad is employing the Tri-Tech design approach capable for system expansion. It works perfectly in stand alone operation, split-decoded operation for security enhancement with the optional decoder, and multi-station operation for user convenience with the auxiliary keypad-readers.

The keypad is ideal for access control and alarm system arm-disarm control. It is also a programmable industrial timer (from 1 second to over 24 hours) for automatic operator system.

The DK-2862 is employing a touch sensing keyboard for code entry.

Output 1     : Solid State Relay Output for Fail-safe or Fail-secure Electric Lock

Output 2     : Standard N.C. & N.O. Dry Relay Contacts

Output 3     : Solid State Open Collector Output

Bell Button   : N.O. Dry Relay Contact

Operating Voltage
12V DC Nominal; 11-15V DC
Operating Current
60mA (quiescent) to 150mA
Operation Temperature
-20 C to +70 C
Environmental Humidity
5-95% relative humidity non-condensing
Working Environment
All weather, IP-55
Number of Users
Output 1 – 1,000 (PINs and/or Cards) + 50 Duress Codes
Output 2 – 100 (PINs and/or Cards) + 10 Duress Codes
Output 3 – 100 (PINs and/or Cards) + 10 Duress Codes
Proximity Card
Standard EM Card or Keyfob, 125Khz
Number of Visitor Codes
50, programmable for one time or with the time limit
Timings for Code Entry and Card Reading
10 seconds waiting for next digit entry
30 seconds waiting for code entry after card reading
The Timer
Three 1-99,999 Seconds (Over 24 Hours possible) Independent Programmable Timers for O/P 1, 2 & 3
Egress Button
Programmable for Instant, Delay with Warning
Momentary or Holding Contact for the Exit Delay
Input Sensing Terminals
a) Door position, b) Egress, c) O/P 1 inhibit
Output Control Terminals
Transistor Open Collector 24VDC/100mA sink Max for the following outputs
a) Duress, b) Alarm, c) Key Active, d) Output 3, e) Inter-lock
Output Contact Ratings
Output Relay 1 – Solid State Relay, Fail-safe or Fail-secure selectable, 3A/16 VDC Max.
Output Relay 2 – N.C. & N.O. dry contacts, 1A/24VDC Max.
Door Bell Relay – N.O. dry contact, 1A/24VDC Max.
Tamper Switch – N.C. dry contact, 50mA/24VDC Max.
126(H) X 75(W) X 35-40(D)mm
200 g net
ABS Plastic box

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