• AR-2807


  • Compatible with All the Tri-Tech Keypads of DK-2800 MK-II Series
  • Compatible with 125 Khz Manchester 64-bit EM4100 & EM4200 EM Cards & Keyfobs
  • Built-in Tamper Switch with N.C. Dry Contact
  • Surface Mount ABS Plastic Housing
  • One Free Connection LED Indicator
  • Data Communication Ports:
  • Data I/O -- Data for Multi-Station Operation
  • Wiegand Data -- 26-bit, 34-bit or 37-bit Selectable
  • RS-232 Data -- Output Format at 9600bps
  • Weatherproof, Indoor or Outdoor Installation

AR-2807 is an auxiliary keypad built-in with proximity EM card reader. It is designed to work together with the master keypads of DK-2800 MK-II series for multi-station operation. Maximum three auxiliary keypads can be connected simply in parallel with the master keypad unit via their common Data I/O bus for multi-station operation. The auxiliary keypad(s) offers the same operation manner like the master unit in a multi-station system.

A multi-station keypad offers user convenience and also higher security in access control to prevent sabotage while the master keypad is installed inside the house and the auxiliary keypad outside the house for daily use. In such an approach, the thief has no chance to reach the actuation power point of the electric door lock from the outside unit.

Operating Voltage
12-24VDC Auto-Adjusted
Operating Current
80mA Maximum
Tamper Switch
N.C. Dry Contact; 50mA/24VDC
Operation Environment
a) Indoor or Outdoor Use, IP-55, Weatherproof
b) -20 deg C to +70 deg C
c) 5-95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
117(H) X 117(W) X 28(D) mm
180 g Net

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  • Brand: APO/AEI
  • Product Code: AR-2807
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  • $250.00