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Schneider 13A Fused Plug - EP13FP

Schneider 13A Fused Plug - EP13FP

  • $18.50

Schneider 13A fuse plug

PowexTM Simple Series Lightning protection and Surge Safety Socket

  • Powex TM simple series, starting from comprehensive security protection and human design: practical
  • And lightning protection and surge protection device, the perfect combination of function and aesthetics.
  • The PowexTM Compact Series complies with BS safety standards and is suitable for all types of home appliances, audiovisual equipment,
  • Office appliances and computer devices are more convenient and reliable.
Neat and beautiful

Innovative hidden wire base for convenient storage of wires

Extra wide socket spacing

Suitable for extra large plugs and transformers, unobstructed adjacent

Normal use of jack

Double protection

Lightning and surge protection device to protect personal and electrical safety

Innovative dust cover

In addition to dust and splash,

It also prevents children from accidentally colliding.

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