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LifeSmart Nature Smart Switch - 1 Button (Black) - LS220-WH1

LifeSmart Nature Smart Switch - 1 Button (Black) - LS220-WH1

  • $459.00

LifeSmart Nature Smart Switch - 1 Button (Black)

  • [1 bit touch smart switch] [New Touch Pro™ touch] [Click to switch different scene modes]
  • Tempered glass touch panel with touch vibration feedback function
  • Custom LED status lights, batch customization of personalized icon panels
  • Touch Pro™ zero-latency touch technology - larger and more sensitive touch area
  • Support voice assistants: Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa
  • *Must be used with Smart Station - mobile phone control/smart linkage
Nature Switch

Touchable switch which design your wall decor

The Nature switch adopts Touch Pro technology and brings ultimate touch experience for lighting. It is also designed with DIY Colorful LED indicator, you can turn on the light easily in the dark. The cover adopts tempered glass with oleophobic coating, which is wear resistant and easy for cleaning & maintenance.

  • Simple modern design, jade-like touch
  • Adopts Touch Pro technology and brings ultimate touch experience
  • Wear-resistant and easy to clean with toughened glass surface
  • Customized 16 million colors indicator light 
  • Dual control, multiple control

In order to enjoy the convenience brought by smart products in the comfort zone, LifeSmart, the world's leading IoT technology brand, has launched the Xingyu switch <Nature Smart Switch>, which can easily upgrade the light pipes/spotlights/ Various lights such as crystal chandeliers can be remotely controlled through the mobile phone [LifeSmart APP], real-time query of equipment status, intelligent switching of lights with sensors, and intelligent energy saving. Nature Smart Switch uses a tempered glass panel, coupled with the new Touch Pro™ zero-delay touch technology, which makes the touch area larger and more sensitive. It also has touch vibration feedback, and you can customize 16 million color LEDs Status light. In order to match different life routines, the function of each button can be customized, and can be set to scene lighting effects, group switch smart devices, etc., to meet the unique needs of each home. With zero fire power supply, there is no need to replace the battery, and users can choose Xingyu switches with 1-3 touch buttons to help you create the most convenient, safe and stable smart home in your mind.

Brand-new Touch Pro™ sensitive touch, turn on the light with one key

Nature Smart Switch is a smart switch that supports remote control and has Touch Pro™ touch buttons. Nature Smart Switch adopts toughened glass panel, plus oleophobic layer protection technology, which makes the touch image of the switch smoother. At the same time, the glass panel is less likely to leave fingerprints, wear-resistant and easier to clean. With the new Touch Pro™ touch control, the touch area of Xingyu switch has tripled, and at the same time, the touch control is more sensitive. You can easily switch scenes with just a touch of a button, and know the status of the light switch in real time through touch feedback and 16 million color status indicators. Users can connect to the Smart Station through the [LifeSmart APP] (iOS/Android), check the switch status of the device in real time, and perform remote control and group control of the whole house lighting/other smart devices. The panel has a very high degree of freedom. Users can customize the effect/operation mode of each button. It is easiest to connect lights, exhaust fans, frosted glass and other equipment, and easily control the switch through the mobile phone. Users can also choose one of the buttons without wiring to control the lights in other rooms. They can create a 2-Way light switch without changing the wiring, or lightly press the light switch next to the bed to turn off the lights in the whole house before going to bed. The light switch at the entrance can be switched to the away-home scene mode. Tap it to turn off the lights and infrared devices of the whole house, and simultaneously turn on the security alarm system, etc., helping you easily create a smart home that meets your life needs.

Remote control with sensors for smart energy saving

Users can check the status of Nature Smart Switches in real time through [LifeSmart APP] (iOS/Android), easily group them, and remotely control them. It can also cooperate with the sensor linkage switch, such as using the Light Sensor to sense the ambient light and turn on the light, and switch the lighting effect to the mood of a romantic dinner with one button, creating an excellent atmosphere for you at all times. Nature Smart Switch can also be used for time scheduling, group control and other controls to create a more comfortable and convenient life for you!

Create 2-Way lights without rewiring

Considering the convenience of switching lights during decoration, many people will re-wire and install 2-Way dual-control light switches in corridors and living rooms. Nature Smart Switch allows you to easily save the time and cost of rewiring, and allows you to easily set 2 Xingyu switches as 2-Way light switches through [LifeSmart APP] without changing the wiring, and use two switches to control the same Street lights/electrical appliances. You only need to connect the light live wire, power supply live wire and neutral wire (neutral wire N) to the first Nature Smart Switch, and the second Switch only needs to connect the power supply live wire and neutral wire (N), and finally use the App to easily set up That's it.

Apple HomeKit and Voice Control

After the user adds the Nature Smart Switch to the Smart Station, it will be compatible with Apple HomeKit. Through the [Home APP] (iOS), it can integrate and control LifeSmart and smart devices on different platforms at the same time for sensor linkage and scene switching, allowing you to manage smart devices It is more handy at home. The Nature Smart Switch is thoughtfully designed, and users can use voice assistants on major platforms such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa to control lighting and home appliances by voice. Users can also set the [LifeSmart APP] (iOS/Android) on the mobile phone to switch appliances on and off at regular intervals, so as to fully cooperate with your daily routine.

Product specifications

Control Unit
16A magnetic latching relay
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Power Supply
AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
Maximum Overload
Resistive load: 500W per channel
Inductive/Capacitive load:200W per channel
16Million colors
White glass+White frame/
Black glass+White frame
Cover: PC
Front panel: glass
Nature Switch (1 way)
Model Number: LS220-WH1, LS220-WW1
Weight: 126g
Nature Switch (2 way)
Model Number: LS220-WH2, LS220-WW2
Weight: 138g
Nature Switch (3 way)
Model Number: LS220-WH3, LS220-WW3
Weight: 150g
Radio Protocol
Signal Range (Open Field)

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