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LifeSmart Universal Remote Control - SPOT (CoSS) - LS136

LifeSmart Universal Remote Control - SPOT (CoSS) - LS136

  • $450.00

LifeSmart Universal Remote Control - SPOT (CoSS)

  • [APP remote control home appliances]
  • Mobile phone instead of infrared remote control: control TV, air conditioner and other home appliances
  • 9 infrared lights 360° zero dead angle, up to 8-15m remote control distance
  • Can be linked with other LifeSmart smart devices
  • LED night light, 2A USB for fast charging of mobile phones
  • *CoSS version/AI linkage needs to be used with Smart Station - mobile phone control/smart linkage
A fantastic IR remote controller to simplify your life by interacting with all LifeSmart product series

SPOT, a Universal Remote Controller, a fantastic product to simplify your life. It does not only simply replace the traditional remote controls, but also interacts with other LifeSmarts products via Smart Station. Televisions, air conditioners, fans, any IR device can be controlled by this SPOT. It functions as a night light as well, with 16 million light colors at your choice. By an easy setup, the SPOT can trigger the lighting, the sound, and other home appliances intelligently. With the help of LifeSmart Cloud services and other amazing technologies, every single home will become a smart home,every single office will become a smart office. 

  • Universal IR remote control;
  • Unique exterior design-ornamental and also practical as a desktop storage unit;
  • Convenient USB charge interface;
  • 16 million colors to create various lighting effects

LifeSmart launched the smart universal remote < SPOT > to help you easily control various appliances in your home with just one touch on your phone. SPOT has 9 infrared lights, the infrared control distance is 8-18 meters, and can reach 360 degrees without dead angle coverage. Users only need to use the mobile phone [LifeSmart APP] to easily integrate and control the electrical appliances in the home, and use the mobile phone to replace various remote controls. SPOT has a powerful cloud-based infrared encoding library that supports thousands of infrared devices. Through the learning mode, users can easily learn the button functions of various brands of remote controls, and customize their virtual remote control button interfaces and functions according to their needs, bringing you a better quality and more convenient life. SPOT is exquisite in design, and it is also a smart night light with 16 million colors. Users can change its color and set different magic lighting effects through mobile phones to meet the needs of different scenes. SPOT also has a 2V USB charging socket, which can be used to charge mobile phones. By connecting to Smart Station, it can also cooperate with various sensors for AI linkage to automatically activate various scene modes to create a comfortable and convenient life for you.

360° no dead angle infrared remote control home appliances

SPOT is equipped with 9 infrared lights, the control distance is 8-18 meters, and it can reach 360 degrees without dead angle coverage. Just put a SPOT in the living room, and the user can easily control various electrical appliances in the home through the mobile phone [LifeSmart APP], such as TV, air conditioner, set-top box and other equipment. Easily replace and integrate various remote controls with mobile phones, saving you the trouble of finding various remote controls. Users can also customize their virtual remote control button interface and functions according to their needs, perfectly matching your living habits, and easily controlling various home appliances.

AI linkage scene charging mobile phone at the same time

By connecting to Smart Station, SPOT can perform AI linkage with various sensors. For example, it can automatically turn on the air conditioner in hot summer with environmental sensors, and turn off the home appliances and lights of the whole house by pressing the light switch before going out. It can easily meet the needs of various scenarios and serve you. Tailor-made smart home that suits you best. SPOT is also equipped with a 2A USB fast charging bit, which can quickly charge your mobile phone while controlling different home appliances, providing you with a comfortable and convenient life.

12 million color luminous lights Exquisite storage design

SPOT is equipped with a 360° surround LED night light and built-in 12 million different colors. Users can freely adjust the colors they want to match different lighting effects and design decorations at home. SPOT also presets a variety of breathing light effects to choose from, such as a comfortable ocean mode, colorful gradient colors suitable for parties, etc. Users can also customize the brightness of the breathing light, the speed of color change, etc., to create the most ideal atmosphere. From then on, any activity can be matched with colorful light and shadow as you like, bringing you a better time! The unique and exquisitely designed SPOT has recesses for placing different small objects, which is a good helper for desktop storage.

Two Easy Pairing Modes Voice Control

Users only need to connect SPOT to the power supply, download [LifeSmart APP] (iOS/Android) and create a LifeSmart account, then they can pair with the mobile phone via Wi-Fi. SPOT has two simple pairing modes, users can pair with thousands of different infrared devices through its powerful cloud-based infrared coding library; it can also use its learning mode, just point the existing remote control to SPOT and press the relevant button , the function of the key can be learned successfully. From then on, users can easily control various home appliances through their mobile phones, without having to search for various remote controls, creating a more convenient smart home experience for you.

SPOT supports multiple voice control assistants such as Google home and Amazon Alexa, and can easily control various home appliances with just voice commands.

Operating temperature-5~45℃
Operating humidity5~90%
Operating voltage/currentDC 5V
interfacePower input port; USB charging port
keystrokePair button
Glow color16 million colors
Remote control range360°, 5-10m
Remote control frequency38KHz
Software Support
Mobile app controlIn the tank
Voice controlIn the tank
Infrared code library matching learningIn the tank
Infrared code library upgradeIn the tank
Remote controlIn the tank
Super Bowl (CoSS Edition)
Wireless communication protocolCoSS
Wireless distance (open field)100m
Appearance parameters
colorIvory white
Product specifications
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Power Supply
Micro USB power supply; USB output
Configuration button
16 million color
Remote Range
360°, 5-10m
Remote Frequency
App Control
Voice Control
Code Library Match
Code Library Update
Remote Control Learning
SPOT (WiFi Series)
Model Number: LS136(CoSS)
Power Consumption: ≤1.3W
Radio Protocol: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Signal Range (Open Field):50m
SPOT (CoSS Series)
Model Number: LS136 / LS152(Japan)
Power Consumption:≤1W
Radio Protocol:CoSS
Signal Range (Open Field):100m
Ivory white

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